Level 5 Updates

What does it mean for you?

Level 5 is coming into effect tonight at midnight, we have made preparations for this and will be moving from a physical gym to a fully online gym.

Thanks so much to all of our lovely members for your support and kindness throughout the last few months!

We have tried absolutely everything possible to adapt and continue operating the gym safely, however this is no longer possible due to government restrictions. After midnight tonight, we will be moving from a physical gym to a virtual gym.

We will be moving all of our services fully online, this includes Classes, Personal Training, Nutrition Consultations, and Weigh-ins. This will be done through zoom, you will be sent a link 15 minutes before the appointment. You can book everything yourself through your App as the schedule is now live.

If you have classes included in your membership then you can use these to book into online classes. If you would like unlimited online classes we have an unlimited online class pass available to you to purchase on the app.

All personal training sessions and nutrition consultations will be moved online if you have existing appointments, and you can now book future appointments for these through the App.

We would love for you to try Womens Fitness Online if you haven’t before, as members found it to be a fun, interactive community to be able to connect with people and also stay accountable for getting your workouts done. Please email us if you have any questions, if not then the schedule is now available for Online.

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